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Founded in 1992, Panshan Group has about 1100 permanent employees and is an industrial group company integrating commercial property development, property operation and management, investment and financing. The business is mainly divided into seven major sectors: commercial market operation, industrial park development, real estate development, property leasing, crowdsourcing space, foreign investment, and integrated investment:
The first,Headquarters Park Sector: In 2000, Panshan Group successfully established the Panyu Energy-saving Technology Park, with a planned area of ​​about 830 acres. It is the first headquarters economic park in South China with the theme of energy conservation and environmental protection. After more than 10 years of development, the park has now settled in more than 2,000 companies, becoming one of the largest and most influential corporate headquarters in South China. Following the Panyu Energy-saving Science and Technology Park, the Panshan Group continued to cultivate the development of the headquarters economic park and established two headquarters parks, Panshan Think Tank and Panshan E Valley, with a total size of 600 acres on the main roads of Panyu District, Panyu Avenue and Asian Games Avenue. It is planned to be built as a headquarter park for smart manufacturing industries such as big data, 3D printing, biotechnology, robotics, etc. It is a headquarters economic platform for talent gathering, enterprise production, sales and research, and financial services integration. It will further contribute to the local economic development. At present, the two headquarters parks are inviting investment, and the park planning is suitable for the integrated use of production, sales and research. The park has been successively acquired; Guangzhou Science and Technology Business Incubator; E-commerce New Venture Park &; Guangzhou Big Data (Panshan) Industrial Park; National Crowd Creation Space; Guangzhou Intellectual Property Protection Park; Guangzhou Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Development Park; Honorable.
Second, the real estate sector: In the development of real estate, Panshan Group has a young, active and stable development team, achieving one-stop production, sales and management. The area of developed properties has now exceeded 2 million square meters, and projects are all over Guangzhou, Panyu, Zhaoqing, Wuzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Qingyuan, Yingde and other places were rated as the top ten real estate enterprises in Wuzhou in 2017.
Third, the property operation segment: Fanshan Group realizes self-production, self-sale and self-operation. The commercial projects developed and managed by the group exceed 1 million cubic meters, and has a young, stable and experienced operation team. The subordinate commercial property project won the title of National Advanced Unit for Creating Civilized Markets, Guangdong Civilized Market, Guangdong Province, Model Unit for Creating Civilized Markets, Guangzhou Star Farmers Market, etc.
“Guangdong Civilization Market”
“Demonstration unit for the creation of a civilized market in Guangdong Province”
“Guangzhou Star Farmers Market”
“Top Ten Real Estate Enterprises in Wuzhou”
“Guangzhou Technology Business Incubator”
“E-commerce New Venture Park”
“Guangzhou Big Data (Panshan) Industrial Park”
“National Crowd Space”
“Guangzhou Intellectual Property Protection Park”
“Guangzhou Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Development Park”

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