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Chairman Introduction

Chairman Introduction

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Chairman Introduction

Shang Hai Yi Walker who dares to lead
——Written by Mr. Gao Zhongyong, Chairman of Guangzhou Panyu Panshan Industrial Development Co., Ltd.


 Gao Zhongyong, male, Han nationality, born in the sixties. Mr. Gao Zhongyong is a member of the Hong Kong Section of the Panyu District CPPCC, honorary chairman and vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Industry and Commerce and Panyu Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Standing Committee of the Wuzhou Municipal Political Consultative Conference, and an honorary citizen of Wuzhou City.

Mr. Gao Zhongyong was the earliest businessman in the Panyu District to start a business market. The company he founded was established in 1992, focusing on planning, development, operation and management of commercial projects and high-tech projects, real estate projects, office properties. In 2000, he pioneered the establishment of the Panyu Energy-saving Technology Park, which was the first science and technology industrial park project approved by the State Economic and Trade Commission in southern China. After years of development, the Panyu Energy-saving Science and Technology Park has become an important economic headquarters of the Panyu District, which has greatly promoted the development of the local economy and made outstanding contributions to the Panyu District's entry into the top ten of the country's top 100 comprehensive strength zones. In 2011, the Energy-saving Science and Technology Park was visited and affirmed by President Hu Jintao.

Mr. Gao Zhongyong continued to develop and strengthen the company's projects, and spared no effort to dedicate himself to public welfare. He inherited the Chinese nation's virtue of respecting the elderly and respecting the elderly, and often organized activities for caring for the elderly. For example, every year his hometown of Hengli Town held an activity of respecting the elderly, and he had his part. He has invested more than 7 million yuan in public welfare, and he has made due contributions to the prosperity and stability of society. And won the 2017 "Guangzhou Charity Master" title, Guangzhou Charity Unit.                                        

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