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Talent Development

Talent Development


Responsibility, competence, goodness, trust
Without excellent talents, there is no excellent enterprise. Responsibility and competence are the criteria for Jiaxin to select talents, and goodness and trust are the criteria for Jiaxin to use talents.


Responsibility is to have a sense of responsibility, professionalism, and dedication, to be responsible and dare to take responsibility, to be eager to make achievements, to be eager for job creation, and to be ambitious and aspiring. The company must have a sense of responsibility for its work, and at the same time it must have a sense of responsibility for the country, society, family and relatives.
The first criterion of company's employment is the issue of "morality". "There is no virtue to be able to do great things, and no virtue is enough to sell it." Employees should be honest, trustworthy, humble, united, ambitious and have a sense of collective honor. The requirements for people are the requirements of society for people, and they must have morality. It is believed that a person without social morality cannot become a qualified Jiaxin. People who lack ethics, no matter how high their talents, will be firmly rejected.
Talent and management
Talent concept: The ancients have a cloud: "It is better to teach people and fish with mermaids". The company respects the entrepreneurial spirit of "dedication, integrity, teamwork and innovation", pays attention to the character and ability of employees, requires employees to have professionalism and pioneering ability, strong professionalism and sense of responsibility, modern management awareness ability, and advocate teamwork spirit.
Talent Strategy
Excellent talents are the cornerstone of achieving the company's corporate strategic goals and the driving force for the company's development. The company uses scientific talent training methods, effective incentive mechanisms, a fair competition platform, and a broad career development space to recruit talents and let every employee We can fully reflect our self-worth in our collective, achieve the maximum fit of life planning and enterprise development, and employees and enterprises grow together.
Employ post target assessment mechanism, competitive mechanism with up and down ability and reasonable flow reorganization mechanism for employees to form a selection mechanism for positive elimination and virtuous circle. Efforts should be made to realize the optimal allocation of talents, and the practice of "jumping up and picking peaches."
Employment principle
The company recognizes and satisfies the needs of talents, respects and accommodates the personality of talents, insists on using people without doubt, and does not use suspects. Boldly use the talents you use, fully trust and fully authorize them, avoid any chances, praise and depreciate, and strive to improve the transparency of system implementation. Let them assume the responsibilities of their posts and give them corresponding rights.
Our employees should have: a positive attitude, a grateful attitude, an enterprising attitude, an honest and diligent attitude, a cooperative and innovative attitude, an inclusive attitude, and a dedicated attitude.


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