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Panshan Group is a modern group enterprise focusing on commercial real estate development and operation, integrating real estate development, architectural design, construction, garden planning, sales planning, and property management. Its subsidiaries include Guangzhou Panshan Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Company, Wuzhou Yuanjiang Port Tourism Development Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Hengcheng Property Management Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Fanshun Service Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Fanhe Service Co., Ltd. and more than 20 companies.
With the mission of “surpassing the past and creating a better future for Panshan”, Panshan Group has adhered to the principle of “people-oriented, innovative and realistic” for 20 years, and has taken the road of capitalization, diversification, brand recognition and scale intensification. , The group successfully created Wuzhou "Ligang Huafu" boutique real estate, as well as more than ten large shopping malls, supermarkets and a number of restaurants, leisure, entertainment stores including "Ligang Commercial Street" and "Fanshan Venture Center" .
In 2012, the group's headquarters will soon be moved into the "modern and intelligent" new headquarters building of the Panshan Venture Center. The company adheres to the employment concept of "people-oriented, respecting science, respecting talents and common development", and welcomes those who are interested to join.
Company salary and benefits:
Long and short week working system;
Good accommodation environment and dining conditions;
The medical examination is conducted at public expense once a year, and the company purchases five social insurances;
Salary adjustment after probation period, at least once a year salary adjustment opportunity;
Paid annual leave and statutory paid leave.
1. General Manager and Deputy General Manager of the company:
Junior college, civil engineering, engineering cost or related major, under 45 years old, intermediate title or above;
Have more than five years of construction site management experience and more than three years of work experience in equivalent positions;
Can meet the needs of long-term business trips, and those with the qualification of construction engineer are preferred.
2. Senior Technical Chief Engineer:
Bachelor degree, with advanced professional and technical qualifications, and high technical authority in the society;
Familiar with the design of internal and external structures of various engineering buildings and the safety knowledge of buildings in the process of civil construction, able to deal with the problems that occur during on-site construction;
Experience in equivalent positions in large real estate, design institutes, construction and other related industries is preferred.
3. Project manager and deputy manager:
Junior college, civil construction or related major, intermediate title, holding first-level or second-level construction qualification, under 45 years old;
More than five years of experience in large-scale project construction management and more than two years of project management experience;
Familiar with construction site management, able to meet the needs of long-term business trips, stationed in project site management.
4. Project Planning Manager / Market Development Manager:
Bachelor degree, major in advertising journalism, marketing, real estate management, etc .;
Possess good communication, coordination, business negotiation ability and good team spirit;
More than five years of experience in equivalent work positions, familiar with the entire planning process of high-end real estate projects, with strong promotion planning innovation ability and market planning experience.
5. Civil engineering, installation, mechanical and electrical equipment budget engineers:
Bachelor degree, civil engineering or engineering cost or related major, holding cost engineer or cost engineer certificate, under 45 years old;
More than five years of on-site construction management work experience, familiar with the use of AutoCAD software, able to independently prepare technical bids;
Familiar with project cost management, able to independently prepare and review project pre-settlement, have experience in preparing construction organization and design, and can independently solve common technical and management problems on the construction site;
6. Design Director and Designer:
Bachelor degree, design major, more than eight years of architectural design experience, including interior design experience in large-scale real estate malls;
Proficient in general plan design, planning design, architectural design of residential and commercial real estate projects, familiar with real estate development process;
Has good aesthetic ability, market awareness, innovative thinking and strong leadership, coordination and communication skills.
7. Director of the Office
More than three years of work experience in related positions, strong diplomatic skills in comprehensive coordination and communication, strong expression skills and teamwork spirit, strong written skills, and familiarity with legal affairs, contracts, and documents
8. Manager of Human Resources Department
Bachelor degree, human resource management or related major;
More than five years of relevant work experience in human resources management, familiar with labor contracts, salary systems, employment mechanisms, insurance benefits, etc., with strong communication, coordination and execution capabilities
9. Property Investment and Management Manager
College, property management and related majors;
More than five years of experience in large-scale commercial property management, familiar with laws and regulations, with independent overall leadership and management capabilities, and those with training capabilities are preferred.
10. Mechanical and electrical engineer:
College degree, intermediate title, more than five years of on-site construction and management experience;
Able to independently solve common technical and management problems on the construction site.
11. Director of Customer Service
Junior college, with more than two years of experience in property management;
Active, quick response, good communication, organization and coordination ability;
Hold relevant certificates or intermediate title certificates, and have experience in office project management in Guangzhou area is preferred.
12. Office clerk, administrative assistant, legal assistant
High overall quality, strong copywriting skills and ability to express, adapt and coordinate, fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese
Graduated in law major, with more than three years of experience in legal affairs is preferred.
13. Computer network maintenance supervisor / person
College, computer related major;
Familiar with the formation and maintenance of computer networks, and have some experience in writing and designing web pages;
14. Graphic Designers
Familiar with the operation of photoshop, coreldraw, freehand and other software.
Excellent fresh graduates are also available.
15. Project pre-clearer
Aged 22-30 years old, male, major in architecture, college degree or above, familiar with mastering prevention, settlement, engineering cost and measurement software, and has certain field management experience, more than two years of work experience, installation, pre-settlement professional priority.
16. Financial Supervisor, Engineering Accounting / Cashier
More than three years of engineering accounting / teller experience, careful work, responsible, sincere, proficient in using various office software and financial management software, familiar with real estate company financial work priority (General graduates of general accounting can be considered).
17. On-site construction personnel, safety personnel, information personnel:
Technical secondary school, more than three years of on-site construction work experience (constructor);
Technical secondary school, with security officer certificate is preferred (security officer);
Technical secondary school, familiar with relevant data standards, specifications and data archiving work, skilled in engineering data software, familiar with the preparation of hydropower and municipal data, work seriously and responsibly, strong communication ability (data staff).
18. Buyers:
Junior college, related majors such as building materials or engineering cost, under 35 years old;
Knowledge in material procurement in the construction industry and work experience are preferred.
19. Warehouse manager:
Technical secondary school, building materials or engineering cost and other related majors, under 35 years old;
Familiar with warehouse management.
20. Security Captain
Technical secondary school, in good health, with security card or veteran certificate;
He has experience in fire control and safety management of large-scale properties, and has strong written and verbal communication skills and communication and coordination skills.
21. Real Estate Sales Staff
Fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, with more than two years of work experience.
The above positions are subject to appointments, please do not visit without appointments.

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