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Respect for the old and love the new chapter, Panshan Chongyang teaches filial piety

On October 16, the Guangzhou "Respecting the Elderly Moon" literature and art, with the theme of "Reform and Opening Exhibition Style, Respecting the Elderly and Love the Old Spectrum", hosted by the Guangzhou Municipal Committee on Aging, Guangzhou Municipal Office of Spiritual Civilization, and Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau, etc. The performance was held in Guangzhou Beilei Theater.

2016 Qunjie Village (Panshan Cup) Dragon Boat Race and National Day Celebration Mid-Autumn Festival

Dragon boat racing is widely sought after by local villagers. On the morning of September 12, a rare clear sky after the rain was ushered in. On the Sanyong River Channel next to the village committee of Qunjie Village, Hengli Town, Nansha District, the "2016 Group" Village Fanshan Cup Dragon Boat Race "event.

Children's minds are made with wisdom, and there is a love for the future.

Panshan has been actively participating in social welfare and contributing to charity. Every year, activities such as charity respect for the elderly, condolences to the widowed elders, and donation of financial aid are held.

2017 "Beautiful Village" Construction in Qunjie Village, Hengli Town, Nansha District

In 2017, the construction of the "beautiful village" in Qunjie Village, Hengli Town, Nansha District and the National Day celebration of the Mid-Autumn Charity Respect for the Elderly were held successfully.

Make trouble, make trouble! Let's take a quick look at how we celebrate colleagues' birthdays!

Happy birthday to my dear little public figures! , After the birthday, it's weekend again!
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