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Panshan Square

Panshan Square

(Summary description)Panshan Square is invested and developed by Panshan Group.

Panshan Square

(Summary description)Panshan Square is invested and developed by Panshan Group.

Panshan Square is invested and developed by Panshan Group. It is located at the intersection of Panyu Avenue and Panyu Avenue and Hanxi Avenue. The subway is covered with properties. It is about 300 meters away from Nancun Wanbo Station of Metro Line 7 and is the core gateway of Panyu Wanbo Business District. Landmark, with a building area of ​​over 70,000 square meters, is planned to build an urban CBD complex integrating apartments, offices, and commerce. The project connects Agile Plaza and Yuehai Plaza in the north, Haiyin Plaza in the south, Jinxiu Xiangjiang high-end elite community in the west, and Shangcheng International in the east. The surrounding commercial atmosphere is rich, the living facilities are mature and complete, and enjoy the convenience and prosperity of CBD. Panshan Plaza is blessed with 300,000 resident elites, 600,000 working and business people, and 100 million tourist resources. Panshan Plaza plans 5A-level hardware support to introduce the Singapore-style green ecological headquarters concept into the Wanbo business platform and the Fanshan ABP park industrial platform. It is the green business headquarters where work and life meet in the CBD.
Design concept: With the concept of open public space, provide comfortable overhead leisure space, cascading overhead platforms and shared spaces, aerial green parks, mountain waterfalls, and outdoor public landscapes into the internal use space of the building to meet the 24 hours of work and life The aerobic experience, surrounded by 360 degrees of green, creates a city and nature community in Panyu Wanbo CBD. The design concept with green, sharing, communication and opening as the center, interspersed with open "ground floor" spaces at different heights at different heights, introduces green from the ground into the air, forming a three-dimensional continuous green landscape. Provide more places to share leisure, entertainment, communication, and activities for work and life. It also increases business interest, vitality, and vitality.

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