Commercial property project won the title of "National Advanced Unit for Creating Civilized Market".
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The district human resources and Social Security Bureau held the elite direct employment, Panshan characteristic special session, directly faced with boss, second get offer

In order to do a good job in the "six stabilities" work, implement the "six guarantees" task, and promote the high-quality employment of fresh graduates and social talents, the human resources and Social Security Bureau of Panyu District held a special activity of 2020 elite direct employment in Fanshan think tank headquarters park on the morning of November 21.

The leader of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology visited the ABP Park in Panshan

With unique park enterprise services, mature and stable property team, fully intelligent three-dimensional business office environment, high-end elite support, and multi-industry resource exchange platform, Panshan ABP series of parks has attracted various types of innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises to settle in.

Construction of Panshan Plaza in the core area of Wanbo CBD is officially started!

With the concept of open public space, it provides comfortable overhead leisure space, cascading overhead platforms and shared spaces, aerial green parks, and mountain waterfalls.

The epidemic is ruthless, there is love on earth! Fanhe Company, Dongcheng Market and Guangzhou Dongchengxingxing Trading Co., Ltd. donated protective materials!

On the morning of March 21, 2020, Ms. Liu Rong, chairman of the Municipal Chamber of Commerce and chairman of Guangzhou Fanhe Service Co., Ltd., represented Fanhe Company, Dongcheng Market and Guangzhou Dongchengxingxing Trading Co., Ltd. through the District Charity Association to Shiqiao District The Education Guidance Center donated 10,000 masks.

Party and mass building together, leading Donghuan charity forward —— Donghuan Street Charity Association Charity Walk Activity Newsletter

With good intentions, God will bless it! At 9 a.m. on August 4, the weather was clear. The red flag flutters in the activity square of Panyu Children's Park, the singing is rippling and the love is surging.

Talent matching, school-enterprise cooperation for a win-win situation, and help the development of private enterprises

Talent is the country's first productive force, while prosperity is national prosperity, and talents are strong.

Win-win hand in hand: Jinan University and Panshan Group jointly build a school-enterprise cooperation platform-"Enterprise Express" activity

On November 22, Jinan University and Fanshan ABP Park, known as the "overseas Chinese college", jointly created a school-enterprise cooperation platform-"Enterprise Express" activity was held in the park.
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