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Commercial market operation, industrial park development, real estate development, property leasing, and crowd-creating space.
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Commercial Estate
Nancun Comprehensive Market
Nancun Comprehensive Market has been rated as the civilized market in Guangdong Province and the consumer satisfaction market in Guangzhou. It is currently the most concentrated business network in Nancun Town with the most crowded business areas.
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Dongcheng Market
The market is integrated with the Dongcheng meat and vegetable market. It is the earliest developed comprehensive wholesale market of nearly 20,000 square meters in Qiaocheng District, Panyu City.
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Panshan Square
Panshan Square is invested and developed by Panshan Group.
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Ligang life city
The planning and operation area of Ligang home furnishing and living city is 40000 ㎡, which gathers the whole industry chain of home building materials such as ceramics, bathroom, closet, furniture, doors and windows, hardware, lighting, fabric, software, jewelry, plate, pipe, home decoration design, etc. At present, it has entered dozens of brand businesses such as Liangshang e family, Nobel ceramics, crown ceramics, Europa wardrobe, Toto bathroom, Leishi lighting, left and right sofas, Hitachi air conditioning, etc
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Ligang Commercial Street
Lijiang commercial street, the chief one-stop theme shopping park in Wuzhou, is located in the prime area of Hedong, Wuzhou, with mature business district; the project is built near the river, with picturesque scenery.
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