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Residential Real Estate
Hang Seng Court
The Hang Seng Garden, carefully planned and constructed by Hang Seng Development Co., Ltd., stands on Wenming Road of Nancun Town.
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Hang Seng Garden
The property is located in the center of Nancun New Town, Panyu District, on the most prosperous area of Nancun Town.
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Laguna International Residence
In the era of the Jiangjing Mansion Hotel, the project was built by the river, backed by Baiyun Mountain in Wuzhou, backed by mountains and water, with convenient transportation, next to the five-star Ligang Hotel, with an unparalleled living configuration.
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Ligang Huafu
Ligang Huafu is located in the CBD core area of Wuzhou City Center. It is planned to build into a large ecological high-grade community with a construction area of 500000 square meters.
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